Intervals recognition

Press the play button to hear an interval. Use replay to repeat it. The first tone of the interval will be marked on the keyboard. The second tone of the interval corresponds to one of the colored keys. Press the first key and then the second key of the interval. The progress bar above the play button shows how many more intervals you need to name correctly to reach the next level. If you name a wrong interval, you will need to practice the two intervals separately, and the program will arrange it for you.

Each level adds a new interval. You can choose your level using the arrow buttons near the level number. Do not start from the first level every time, choose your level at the beginning of each session.

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Advice on ear training

Use this excercise to concentrate on you intervals recognition skill. If you wish to learn to play melodies by ear, Melodic dictation is an excercise exactly for that. For quick results, practice every day. 20 minutes is more than enough. If you are working on your absolute pitch at the same time, it is ok to train both skills on one day, but give your ears a good rest in between.

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